LA GRANDE - Nearby workers rescued an 18-year-old LaGrande man after he swatted one bee and was swarmed by others that stung him more than 200 times.

Zach Gray says he's grateful to the men who picked him up in their truck and then hosed the bees off while they called 911. After six hours of emergency room treatment, Gray is expected to make a full recovery.

Gray and Richard Mills, both engineering technicians for the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, had stopped near the La Grande Air Tanker Base on Tuesday to lock a toolbox in their service vehicle. When Gray was attacked, Mills tried to help but also was swarmed.

Northwood Manufacturing employees Daren Coon and Shannon Rogers saw what was happening and rode to the rescue in their pickup truck, picking up first Mills, then Gray. Coon says Gray was so covered by bees "you couldn't even see his face."

- The Associated Press

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