STANFIELD — Stanfield has a city manager once again.

Ben Burgener started the job about three weeks ago, and said he was excited to be chosen to help the city in its next chapter.

“This is the perfect spot, with a lot opportunity,” he said. “Stanfield is primed for growth.”

Burgener has an undergraduate degree in recreational management and a master’s in public administration from Brigham Young University. He most recently served as a city administrator in Ada, Minnesota.

Burgener was born and raised in Utah, but said he was drawn to the Stanfield job because he had previously spent some time living in Corvallis and was interested in returning to Oregon. His wife and three daughters moved to Stanfield with him.

He was busy Friday livestreaming the grand opening of Mama Bear’s Quilt Shop on the city’s Facebook page. Burgener said he hopes to be able to help Stanfield attract new economic development, particularly on the land just south of Interstate 84, which the city recently brought into its urban growth boundary.

“It’s a great spot, and being able to develop that will be fun,” he said.

He said an Oregon Department of Transportation project to revamp Main Street should help revitalize downtown, and he also hopes to see more housing projects come into Stanfield. He plans to use his expertise in recreational management to develop new parks and recreation offerings in town.

Burgener replaced former city manager Blair Larsen, who resigned in May to take a job in Sweet Home. He said he hopes people will feel welcome to give their input as he gets settled into the new job.

“I have an open door policy,” he said. “I’d love to talk to people about their ideas.”

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