Within 10 months, Membership Coordinator Cheri Rosenberg made a big enough impression on the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce to get a promotion to executive director.

In a press release, the chamber announced that it had selected Rosenberg from a “large pool of candidates.”

“Cheri’s work with our members and on committees has demonstrated that she can take charge and work well with teams; she has vision, dedication, and a positive outlook that will take the Chamber to the next level,” the press release states.

Rosenberg attended Pilot Rock High School and Blue Mountain Community College and has “a wealth of administrative experience,” the press release also lauding her for her work with the Pendleton Downtown Association.

The hire is the latest development for a position that has seen ups and downs since Gail Nelson left to work for Umatilla County in early 2018.

Following Nelson’s departure, the chamber appointed Membership Coordinator Megan Lauer as the interim director.

Lauer stayed on for only four months before resigning for different career opportunities, leading to the hiring of Rosenberg to take over membership coordinator duties.

Former Pendleton City Councilor Chuck Wood led the chamber as interim director until the nonprofit hired Janet Duffy, a woman with 18 years of chamber of commerce and economic development experience in Montana and Nevada in July.

Duffy resigned abruptly six months later, only telling the chamber board of director that she was “unhappy and moving to Bend,” according to chamber President-elect Velda Arnaud.

Rather than hire an interim director, the chamber board has collectively filled executive duties before Rosenberg’s hiring.

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