SPRINGFIELD - Fifteen-year-old Kerry Varo was riding his bike Tuesday night when he witnessed a girl get hit by a car.

The pedestrian flipped over the side of the vehicle and into the next lane, prompting Varo to wave for vehicles to stop. But he couldn't prevent a second car from striking the victim and dragging her more than 50 feet down the busy road.

Varo called his mother to report what happened. He would be late because the police wanted to talk to witnesses. Given the speed of events, and the darkness, he couldn't tell who got hit.

Varo's mother, Silvia Varo, then walked from the family's home to the accident scene, where the body of the young girl, a Thurston High School junior, remained under the second car, covered in yellow plastic.

"I just thought it was just so sad, for whoever's girl that was," she said in an interview with The Register-Guard newspaper.

Later, back home, Varo grew concerned when her 17-year-old daughter, Sherry Varo, failed to return from work. The mother walked back to the crash scene.

"It was my girl," she sobbed Wednesday. "She's gone."

As the mother spoke, shards of her daughter's glasses sat atop a memorial of roses and photographs in the family's living room.

Sherry Varo celebrated her 17th birthday three days before her death. She enjoyed dancing and spending time at church. The daughter of immigrant parents, she worked odd jobs to help the family get by.

"She was just a beautiful girl," her mother said. "She was the perfect girl for me."

Springfield police said Varo got hit shortly after exiting a bus near her house. She tried to dart across a five-lane road and two drivers, a 53-year-old woman and a 19-year-old man, didn't see her.

Police say the second driver, who was traveling at the posted speed limit, didn't notice Kerry Varo or his sister until it was too late. He slammed on his brakes, but was doing 40 mph.

"When you're going that fast, it takes awhile to come to a stop," said Springfield Police Detective Robert Conrad.

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