Pendleton police again are dropping their badges and donning aprons to help fight cancer.

The men and women of the department will bus tables for tips Friday 5-8 p.m. at the Hamley Steakhouse, 8 S.E. Court Ave., and split the money between the local chapter of the American Cancer Society and 3-year-old Anson Fairbank of Pendleton. Anson has leukemia, and his parents, Matt and Adrienne Fairbank, take him on frequent trips to Portland for treatment.

Pendleton police assistant Diana Melton said this is the second year the department’s officers and staff have helped raise funds for the nonprofit and the Ansons. Last year the effort brought in more than $5,000.

“It would be great if we could match that,” she said.

Pendleton officers are participating in No Shave November to help raise cancer awareness and vying against one another for who can bring in the most donations. Melton said the department will add those donations to what comes in at the Friday night event.

The cops for the cause are on the clock Friday the same time the annual holiday stroll occurs in downtown Pendleton.  

“I am hoping people will just stroll on into Hamley’s and have a cocktail or an appetizer and drop a few bucks,” Melton said.

Adrienne Fairbank runs the Anson Strong Facebook page where she posts updates about her son family. She reported on Wednesday that Anson’s number of white blood cells that fight infections again was in the “safe zone,” allowing his to restart oral chemotherapy and return to day care. She also expressed a heartfelt thanks to their grandparents for providing child care and allowing her and her husband to work.

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