Pendleton fireworks

The Pendleton Whisky Music Fest will fund the 2019 Fourth of July fireworks show.

Already responsible for one of the city’s biggest July events, the organizers behind Pendleton Whisky Music Fest are planting their flag on the Fourth of July.

The Pendleton Rotary Club, which managed the city’s firework show in 2018, announced Tuesday that Stadium Entertainment LLC would donate $15,000 toward the 2019 show.

“The community of Pendleton shows tremendous support for the annual music fest and funding the firework show is another way for us to show our appreciation and give-back to the community we all love,” co-organizer Andy McAnally said in a statement.

Stadium Entertainment’s donation not only lends some financial stability to an event with a tumultuous past, it bumps the budget for an event that usually functions on $10,000 or less.

For years, the show had been handled by various community organizations like the U.S. Junior Chamber, Cornerstone Community Church, and the Fraternal Order of Eagles. But when the Eagles declined to fundraise and organize the 2017 event, Independence Day came and went without a firework show in Pendleton.

The absence of fireworks spurred Pendleton teenager Devan Driskell to begin raising money for a 2018 show, and his effort was eventually subsumed by the Pendleton Rotary Club.

With Devan’s help, Rotary was able to raise the requisite $10,000 for last year’s show.

According to a Rotary press release, Rotarian Jerry Imsland was preparing to lead the effort for 2019 when Whisky Fest organizers approached him about making a donation.

“The entrepreneurs were enthused by the possibility of making the month of July even more exciting for the Pendleton area,” he said in the press release.

Now in its fourth year, Whisky Fest has attracted musical acts like Zac Brown Band, Maroon 5, Pitbull, and Blake Shelton to the Pendleton Round-Up Grounds for concerts.

This year’s Whisky Fest is July 13. The musical act has not been announced. .

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