Lynda Kinney of Pendleton spent hours face down on the pavement before police received a call to check on her. Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts said he wants the public’s help to determine if Kinney was the victim of a crime.

Roberts in an email said officers Sunday at 8:55 a.m. responded to the parking lot of Harris Jr. Academy, 3121 S.W. Hailey Ave., on a report of a woman who had been on the pavement there overnight. They found Kinney, 49, alive but unresponsive.

She received initial medical treatment at St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton, he said, then was transported to a Walla Walla hospital.

Kinney showed signs of injury but also suffered from health problems that could account for that, Roberts said, and the hours she was on the asphalt could have played a significant role in her condition.

“We now know that Kinney was seen as early as 7 p.m. the previous evening in pretty much the same location/condition as she was found,” the police chief stated. “She could not be seen from the roadway, but the daughter of a neighbor who does not reside in the neighborhood readily admitted seeing Kinney the night before.”

Roberts also reported that person “did not get overly concerned until she saw Kinney the next day when she returned to her family’s residence.”

Roberts said this is an active investigation and encouraged anyone with information concerning Kinney to call the Pendleton Police Department at 541-276-4411 or the county’s 24-hour dispatch at 541-966-3651.


This story has been corrected to represent the correct day Kinney was found.

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