PILOT ROCK - The Pilot Rock School District and Pilot Rock Boosters Club are exploring new ways of generating funds for sports, including increasing the pay-to-play fee, raising admission prices for athletic events and holding a major fish feed and auction.

The groups thought their ideas could raise about $20,000, said Superintendent Gordon Munck during the board meeting Wednesday night.

They also could seek some matching funds from the Umatilla Tribes' Wildhorse Foundation.

The district probably won't pursue a recreation district to raise funds for athletics at this time, though, Munck said. There probably wouldn't be much support for the taxing district, he added.

Doubling the pay-for-play fee from $25 to $50, and raising the total family maximum to $200 could raise $5,000. Raising ticket prices to football, volleyball and basketball by $1 could raise about $2,000 a year.

The district probably won't make any decision on cutting days from the school year to save money until its April meeting, Munck said.

Munck also asked the board to think about what it needs for carryover funds. He suggested at least $150,000.

One projected carryover for this year was $4,000, but Munck said there would be money in the budget they wouldn't have to spend, so the carryover would be higher than that.

If the schools need more carryover funds, the district could cut days from the year, saving about $9,000 each day.

Munck said the district shouldn't cut more than eight days because it would run into unemployment costs and also break the state's minimum school days.

The school board also:

•Accepted the resignation of Pilot Rock High School Principal Ed Sherman, effective June 30. Sherman has been principal of the high school for 12 years and has been in the district 25 years, starting off as a math teacher.

•Accepted the resignation of William Braniff, network administrator. Braniff, who has had a 34-year career with Pilot Rock schools and also serves as a math teacher, will be back next year as network administrator.

Braniff will be a private contractor, earning $25,000 a year, which is what Umatilla Educational Service District would have charged to maintain the district. Braniff agreed to do more for the same price, Munck said. "It's very beneficial to us. We're going to get a real bargain out of this," Munck added.

•Supported an overnight field trip for fifth-graders to OMSI, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, in Portland. The trip will be on April 30 and May 1.

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