PENDLETON - An alleged kidnapping hoax that took place over the weekend was nothing more than a family dispute, Pendleton Police Chief Stuart Roberts said.

"What it all comes down to is a family matter," Roberts said.

Saturday morning, Roberta Windham reported her daughter, Jessica Windham, 20, missing and cited a note she'd found in her daughter's car.

"I'm the abductor, don't come find her," was the message, Roberts said.

Roberts said it turned out the daughter had stayed at a friend's house the night before because she didn't want to drive home in the fog. She did not call her mother the next day.

Just after police received the call from the mother, they investigated the vehicle and soon learned through one of Jessica Windham's co-workers that she was safe and sound.

"They knew at that point she was OK," Roberts said.

Jessica Windham checked in with police within an hour to clear everything up.

Roberts said he believed Jessica Windham was trying to find a way to tell her mother she no longer wanted to live at home. There were no legal ramifications for Jessica Windham's actions, so the case was closed, Roberts said.

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