PENDLETON - People might start noticing some eye-catching posters around Umatilla and Morrow counties this week.

Domestic Violence Services will distribute the posters to various businesses and sites Wednesday. Thanks to a $2,500 grant from the Pendleton Foundation, the agency was able to print 800 of the posters, Family Advocate Vicki Rodriguez said.

"We've gotten great response from the community," Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez, who spearheaded the project, said the posters were created by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and are eye catching. "It just really stuck with me," she said.

The posters will have tear-off numbers for the confidential 24-hour crisis line, 1-800-833-1161.

"They'll be able to have a phone number and a way to break that cycle of violence," she said. "It's aimed at getting victims of sexual abuse and violence to safety."

Half of the posters were printed in Spanish as part of an effort to reach out to the area's growing Hispanic community. The number of Spanish speakers served by the center is increasing, Rodriguez said, but she was unsure whether that was from increased outreach efforts or rising abuse.

Supplies for the posters were provided by Frazier Office Supply of Pendleton and Pendleton Grain Growers of Milton-Freewater.

Jann Standard, receptionist for Domestic Violence Services, called businesses asking them to display the posters.

"People have been very receptive," she said. "We've only had maybe five out of all the calls that didn't want to put them up."

Pendleton High School's Leadership Two class, taught by Stu Clem, will help distribute the posters. The class is part of the Community 101 program sponsored by Pendleton Grain Growers, he said.

The program gives grants to various social programs and the students visit the agencies to learn how they work.

In January, records show Domestic Violence Services worked with 251 Umatilla County residents and 22 Morrow County residents.

Anyone interested in displaying a poster can contact Domestic Violence Services at 276-3322.

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