PENDLETON - Fair skies and hot temperatures dominated the weather in Umatilla and Morrow counties in August, according to the National Weather Service.

The sky was fair 24 of the 31 days. Just four days were partly cloudy and just three cloudy. Thunderstorms occurred on five days, heavy rain on one and light rain on 12.

The high temperature topped 90 degrees 17 days. The month was hotter than normal, with an average high temperature of 88.3 degrees, 1.7 degrees above normal, and the average minimum temperature of 60.5 degrees, 3.2 degrees above normal.

More than 3 inches of rain fell on downtown Pendleton during the month, but only a third of that - .97 inches - was recorded at the National Weather Service station near the Eastern Oregon Regional Airport. Nearly half of that - .40 inches - fell in a 24-hour period on Aug. 24-25.

August's rainfall brought the amount received this calendar year to 10.82 inches, 2.79 inches above normal. For the crop year, the weather service has recorded 14.95 inches of rain at the airport, 2.82 inches above normal.

Last month's rainfall wasn't close to a record at the airport, however. That distinction goes to the 2.58 inches that fell in 1977. Pendleton's driest August on record was 1969, when no rain fell.

August's highest temperature at the airport was recorded on the 13th, when it reached 104. The highest temperature recorded downtown was also 104, but on the next day.

The record high for August at the airport is 113, recorded in 1961. However, the record high for downtown Pendleton was 119, recorded on Aug. 10, 1898, which tied the record for the highest temperature ever recorded in the state.

August's lowest temperature at the airport was 51 degrees on the 8th, but it dipped to 48 degrees that morning downtown. The record low for the month at the airport is 40 degrees in 1944 and 1980. The record low downtown was 30 in 1907.

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