PENDLETON - Carla Rae Salter pleaded guilty this morning of taking money from the Triangle Little League and the TigerScots Football program. She also paid back more than $9,000 in money she stole from the entities.

Dressed simply in a long-sleeved black shirt and blue jeans, Salter appeared with her husband, Jon, in Umatilla County Circuit Courtroom No. 3. Judge Daniel Hill presided over the change in plea hearing that began at 8:30 a.m.

Salter's attorney, Michael Breiling, said Salter reached an agreement with the District Attorney's office. She pleaded guilty to first-degree theft, a reduction from the original charge of aggravated theft, and the other charge of first-degree theft, which was associated with the TigerScot's theft, was dropped.

Moreover, Salter agreed to pay Triangle Little League $7,998.92 and the TigerScots $1,280.

Advocating for his client, Breiling said that was "every dime" Oregon State Patrol Det. Mark Banks determined Salter had appropriated and she was attempting to pay back the money to the Triangle Little League account when investigations revealed her theft.

Breiling presented the court with two cashiers checks from Salter, one for nearly $8,000 owed to the Little League and another for $1,290 to the TigerScots, $10 more than she was required to pay. And she will make arrangement to pay court costs.

Breiling also submitted letters of apology from Salter to the Little League and the TigerScots. Hill said those would be passed on after the District Attorney's office approved them.

Further, Salter is to have no more contact with either association.

Hill sentenced Salter to 24 months of probation and 80 hours of community service. She was fined $1,000, but that was suspended.

The hearing lasted only a few minutes. Salter didn't comment afterward, but instead deferred to her husband, Jon.

"We're just glad we're done and to pay the money in full and apologize for everything that happened," he said.

The couple left the courtroom quietly. In the hall, the two waited for their attorney and held each other tightly.

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