SALEM - As students return to school, some children will wait for their bus on a shoulder near where a boy died waiting for his.

Salem school officials announced they have no plans to change the bus routes on a busy stretch of road near Hallman Elementary School, despite the traffic death of a second-grader nearby.

Topaz Luna, 9, died in June after being struck by a Salem Public Works truck while waiting for his bus. A memorial nearby marks the place of the fatal accident.

Salem-Keizer School District officials looked at the stop this summer and determined that it still meets their criteria for a good location. Without improved road conditions, some residents say there are no real options for changing the stop.

"Unfortunately there aren't a lot of choices there," Lee Ann Reed, chairwoman of the Northgate Neighborhood Association, said. "They can't put it on the other side, because children still have to cross two lanes of traffic to get to a bus."

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