The Umatilla County Sheriff Office is on the hunt for a man who may have kidnapped a woman at knife point and assaulted her as she escaped.     

Umatilla County Sheriff John Trumbo declined to name the suspect because the investigation is on-going, he said.

The 35-year-old Hermiston woman was having lunch with her boyfriend at Hat Rock State Park in the afternoon, Trumbo said, when her old boyfriend showed up, pulled out a knife and forced her into his vehicle. He fled with her along Highway 730 and stopped for a red light at the intersection with Highway 395, Trumbo said. That’s when the woman made her move to get away.

The two fought, Trumbo said, and she suffered defensive knife wounds on her hands. She opened the vehicle door and bailed out as he gunned it. A private party then took her to Good Shepherd Medical Center, Hermiston. Hospital staff called the sheriff’s office at about 7 p.m. because of her  injuries.

Detective Lindsey Evans questioned the woman with the help of a Spanish interpreter, Trumbo said, and issued a bulletin for other agencies to be on the lookout for the 44-year-old suspect. Trumbo said he likely would face charges of kidnapping and assault.

“She was real fortunate,” Trumbo said, referring to an April 26 alleged kidnapping of a Hermiston woman from her workplace. Authorities have accused Alberto Quiroz Martinez, 29, of tying up the woman, putting her in the trunk of his car and driving to a cabin in northern Klamath County. Oregon State Police rescued the woman and arrested Martinez on May 1 after a two-hour standoff at the Crescent Lake cabin.

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