Next Monday is the first day of summer, but it feels like winter in Tollgate today.

Jeff Pinsker, owner of the Tollgate Store and Restaurant, said it was 30 degrees this morning and raining - but it was trying to snow.

Tuesday night it snowed all night, he said. It kept snowing through Wednesday morning, accumulating three inches. Some of it melted off, but the snow still stands under awnings.

"I?live up here so I pretty much knew it was coming down all night,"?he said.

When asked if he was surprised to see snow in mid-June, Pinsker said he wasn't.

"We typically get a little snow fall in July, actually,"?he said.

But seeing snow now is another day of bad weather in a year of bad weather, Pinsker said.

"Sun means business to me in the summertime," he said. "Snow means business to me in the winter time."

This year he hasn't had much of either - at least not at the right time. This last winter he didn't get much snow and this spring it's been all rain. That, added to the depressed economy, has meant 80 percent less business, Pinsker said.

But despite the down weather, the down business and down spirits, Pinsker said he's not giving up.

"I'm not going anywhere,"?he said. "I'm planning on staying here through thick and thin, good and bad. If I can make it through this, I'll make it thorough anything."

The chilly weather will continue tonight, according to the National Weather Service in Pendleton. It forecasts a low in Pendleton of 45 degrees. There's a good chance of rain throughout the day with wind gusts near 30 mph. The high in Pendleton is expected to be in the upper 60s.

Wet weather remains in the forecast through Monday.

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