LA GRANDE - Oregon State Police used spike strips Sunday afternoon to stop and arrest a speeding motorist on Interstate 84.

Alison Psiuk, 25, of Bradley Beach, N.J., was lodged in the Union County Jail after a 35-mile pursuit.

Senior Trooper Larry Purdy of La Grande OSP said the chase began after he stopped Bradley near town for driving at 90 mph, but she refused give him her driver's license.

"She didn't believe I was a police officer," Purdy said.

The officer was in full uniform and driving a marked state police car at the time, he said. He showed her his badge and the identification card he carries in his wallet.

"She rolled up her window, put it in gear and took off," Purdy said.

He sped off after her and radioed ahead to alert other officers that he was in pursuit.

"We traveled at speeds of 75 up to 95 mph," Purdy said. "She was using both lanes and would get on the back bumper of rigs before she'd pass them. She was definitely a danger."

During the chase, Bradley called 9-1-1 and was assured that Purdy was, indeed, a police officer and she should pull over, Purdy said. She hung up on the operator and kept going.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Darin Helman laid spike strips down at milepost 228 near Deadman Pass Rest Stop.

Purdy said that shortly before the driver reached the spike strips, a dispatcher managed to reach the suspect on her cell phone but Bradley still refused to stop. Meanwhile, a Union County police car joined the chase and a tribal unit also responded.

Purdy said Bradley stopped about a half-mile after running over the spike strips, which flattened three of the tires on her Ford Explorer, but she still resisted being taken into custody.

The officer said Bradley appeared to be suffering from mental problems, perhaps as the result of not taking medication. When he took her to Union County jail, he also delivered her medication to the facility's nurse so she could "help sort things out."

Bradley was charged with attempting to elude in Union County and with reckless driving and resisting arrest in Umatilla County.

Purdy said he asked her on the way to jail what he could have done differently to convince her he was a police officer and she responded, "Nothing."

"I think I finally convinced her," Purdy said.

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