THE DALLES - Oregon State Police SWAT team members shot gas into a building Wednesday to capture a man who escaped from police Saturday.

Victor Byron Snell, 27, fled while being transported from the Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Center in The Dalles to an out-of-state drug treatment center. Snell ran in the area of West Seventh and Snipes streets. He eluded police until undercover officers spotted him entering an apartment building on West 13th Street in The Dalles.

After Judge Bernard Smith issued a search warrant, officers attempted to recover Snell, but he refused to come out of the building. An Oregon State Police SWAT team then shot gas into the apartment and Snell emerged. No one was injured and Snell did not resist during the arrest, OSP said.

Snell had been incarcerated at the corrections center in connection with several high-speed police chases, including one in which police caught Snell after he hid in a private residence. OSP said he has a history of weapons violations and police found body armor in his possession during one of his previous arrests.

The day before police arrested Snell, they arrested two other men they thought were associated with him as part of the search effort coordinated between the Oregon State Police, Wasco County Sheriff's Office and The Dalles Police Department.

Law enforcement returned Snell to Northern Oregon Regional Corrections Center.

Around 3 p.m. the previous day, Nov. 25, police caught Steven Lee Smith, 34, who also was a fugitive.

Police saw Smith in a vehicle driven by Jeffery Goldberg, 55, of Portland. Goldberg attempted to elude the officers and ended up wrecking his vehicle near the Home Depot.

Smith ran from the wreck and police arrested him a short distance away. Police also arrested Goldberg for attempting to elude a police officer in a vehicle (a felony) and reckless driving. Police arrested Smith on several felony warrants.

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