Stanfield schools are getting an upgrade.

Voters appeared to have approved an $18 million school bond on Tuesday night, with 65% voting in favor of the bond as of 8 p.m. Passage of the bond will also secure a $4 million matching grant from Oregon School Capital Improvement Fund.

“It’s really exciting,” Stanfield School District Superintendent Beth Burton said. “I think this will be good for our whole community, but it will be really good for our students.”

The bond will pay for a number of projects, most notably a new middle school wing to be built on to Stanfield Secondary School. Currently, middle school grades are hosted in a modular not attached to the main building.

“The new middle school is definitely the focus, and the largest cost, of the bond,” Burton said.

Having the new middle school wing will improve safety, she said, as it will force visitors to come past the main office before accessing classrooms. The bond will also help pay for other safety upgrades, including a remodel of the entryway and front office of both the secondary and elementary schools to improve safety. External safety cameras monitoring the parking lot and grounds will be added, and internal surveillance systems will be upgraded.

Windows will be added to the secondary school, which has no natural lighting in its classrooms. The parking lot for the elementary school will be reconfigured, kitchens will be renovated, asbestos will be removed, the career and technical education spaces will be expanded, and the school district plans to purchase the land the elementary school is built on, which it is currently leasing from Union Pacific.

Burton said she is excited that the district gets to take advantage of the $4 million state grant, which Stanfield was eligible for after winning a lottery draw for it. If the bond had not passed there would be no guarantee the district would win that lottery again the next time.

Stanfield School District has an old bond that will be dropping off of residents’ tax bills in June. The new bond will replace that one, at $2.70 per $1,000 of assessed value.

Burton said she enjoyed the experience of going out into the community and knocking on doors to educate people about the bond, and she was grateful to voters for their support.

“I feel really fortunate to work in a district where the community is so supportive,” she said.

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