Stylin Nook Salon settles into new building

Main Stylin Nook owner April Kowalski-Milbrodt, left, and stylist Tina Childers stand in the salon’s new building on Highway 395 in Stanfield.

April Kowalski-Milbrodt and her stylists at the Main Stylin Nook in Stanfield are enjoying a new building at 540 S. Main in Stanfield.

The old building, which has seen many tenants over the years, looked like a barn before Kowalski-Milbrodt renovated it, she said. She’s turned a workshop into a fitness center, added bathrooms, enclosed a cash register area for a dispensary — a place to store and mix chemicals — and filled newly painted rooms into spaces for tanning beds, a waxing station and an aqua massage bed.

Kowalski-Milbrodt said she simply needed more space. Although she’s added a few fitness machines, everything else used to be crammed into an small building farther north on Main Street.

Kowalski-Milbrodt started the Main Stylin Nook six years ago as a hair salon only. It quickly grew into a full-service operation. The fitness room is especially popular, she said. She charges $19.95 per month to use the equipment, no contract required.

“It’s economical and convenient — they don’t have to drive to Hermiston,” she said.

Two stylists work at the salon, Tina Childers and Kelly Allison Hirz.

Kowalski-Milbrodt cashed in much of her retirement to pay for the building’s remodel, but she’s confident it was the right move for her growing business. Her clientele has helped her along the way, she added; one is fixing a set of french doors for her, to go between the salon and the fitness room

“It’s been great, we’ve been busy,” she said. “People come in just to look.”

The Main Stylin Nook is open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 5p.m. on weekends. Stylists are available by appointment. The Main Stylin Nook’s website is at

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