Several areas of Umatilla County were still under water Sunday. Officials asked the public to stay away from all flooded areas to allow primary access to emergency crews and city and county departments.

 • As of Sunday afternoon, the county said several streets are open only to residents: Kirk Extension, Southwest 41st Street, Southwest 39th Street, and Southwest Perkins near Community Park in Pendleton.

• McKay Creek School is still open, but the county encouraged families to check the Pendleton School District website for updates.

• River Road, off Cayuse Road, is closed.

• Near Umatilla High School in the city of Umatilla, a footbridge had been washed out and blocked off.

On Sunday morning, Umatilla County said its Type 3 Incident Command team is managing the county response on McKay Creek, and that water levels remained steady since Saturday night. As of Saturday, the Bureau of Reclamation set the flow from the McKay Dam at 2,750 cubic feet per second. Water levels remain high, and crews continue to monitor the situation.

Since Wednesday, several areas in Umatilla County have had flooding. The U.S. National Weather Service issued a flood warning on Thursday for northwestern Umatilla County. Only Ukiah has formally declared a state of emergency, and did so on Wednesday. Pendleton's McKay neighborhood has experienced some flooding, with water on streets between Southwest 37th and 41st, and some basements filling with water.

The State Fire Marshal has an incident management team in Pendleton, which will address sewer back-up and health concerns as well as evacuation orders if necessary.

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