HERMISTON - At 6 a.m. while many people were getting ready for work, Kathy Moore was getting ready for the swim of her life.

"I decided that this year we would start (youth group) with money readily available so our kids could enjoy fun activities," said Moore, director of Our Lady of Angels' Youth Group.

Moore is an avid swimmer. She has been going to the Hermiston Family Aquatic Center for the daily 50-meter lap swim since it opened. She came up with the idea to make her daily swim pay off.

"I swim for an hour and a half and it gives me time to think; that's how I came up with the idea to swim for money," she said.

Moore decided to do a one person swim-a-thon, asking local businesses, family members and parishioners to sponsor her. Kathy Kirkland from the Hermiston Family Aquatic Center was willing to open the doors early last week and have a lifeguard watch over Moore while she swam. The pool normally doesn't open until 11 a.m. for lap swimming.

Moore expressed gratitude to all the business and parishioners who sponsored her.

"I am so grateful to all for having faith in me. I even had a pledge for five dollars per length - times 64, that's a $320 check I will be collecting," Moore said. "Even my brother, Mike Shannon, who lives in Florida and whose house was struck and demolished by Hurricane Charlie, pledged money for my cause."

Moore had estimated her fund-raiser at $2,600 for a 50-lap swim. She ended up covering about 1 1/2 miles.

"All I want is to have funds available so we can have fun activities my kids can enjoy," Moore said.

Our Lady of Angels youth group is for teens from sixth through 12th grades who are involved in community services, such as going to retirement homes and helping out senior citizens, or doing yard work for the elderly.

Our Lady of Angels' Youth Group meets from 6:45-8 p.m. every Wednesday. Activities include dinner, spiritual talk, and fun and games. For more information or to make contributions, call the parish office at 567-5812.

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