PENDLETON - Gary Tague is leading in fund-raising and election expenses as he prepares for a run-off with Phil Houk for the position of Pendleton mayor.

According to the first required report before the Nov. 2 general election, due Tague had contributions of $7,190 and expenses of $1,018.91 through Sept. 16. Houk reported $630 in contributions and $268 in expenses.

Houk had a balance of $3,269.65 on Sept. 16 and Tague a balance of $474.92, but Tague's fund-raising put him at $6,646.01 on Sept. 16 while Houk's balance was $3,631.65.

The Committee for Investing in Pendleton's Future, which was formed to support the $8 million bond measure the City of Pendleton is proposing, has raised $2,715 and spent $200, leaving it a $2,515 balance on Sept. 16.

Contribution and expenditure details follow:

Gary Tague

Contributions through Sept. 16

Miscellaneous contributions of less than $50, $1,965

$300: Karla Lewis, Triangle Bar Co.

$250: Linda Mautz, Sandra Lazinka, Pioneer Title, Michael Kilby, Pioneer Escrow, Eloise Kilby.

$200: Robert Webb, Barbara Hale, Wesley Grilley, Ernie Rostock, Ned Davis, Karl Lutz, Edith Rohde, Bonita Green, Home Insulation, Fredrick Hill, Carter Kerns, Colleen Yeske, Marcene Thurman, Patricia McClintock, M.L. Patton, Gerald Odman, Jacob Cambier, Ruth Duff, Annette Skinner, Mark Rosenburg, Charles Weeks, Gerald Wyland, Eula McCann, Riverside Veterinary Clinic, Murdock Cattle Company, Thomas Winn, Karen McAnally.

$75: William Wells, Kathleen Bell, Pendleton Auto Body.

Total Contributions through Sept. 16: $7,190

Expenditures through Sept. 16: Master Printers, $824.92; Post Office, $171; Frazier's, $22.99; Total Expenditures through Sept. 16, $1,018.91.

Balance, $6,171.09

Beginning Balance, $474.92

Balance Sept. 16: $6,646.01

Phil Houk

Contributions through Sept. 16

Miscellaneous contributions of less than $50, $130

$100: Shirlee McGreer, Janet Groat.

$50: Rudy Rada, Shane Hagey, John Turner, Ken Jackson, Tullis LLC, Sarah Buford.

Total contributions through Sept. 16, $630

Expenditures through Sept. 16: Homestead Youth & Family Services, $150; Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation, $118; Total, $268

Balance, $362

Beginning Balance, $3,269.65

Balance Sept. 16: $3,631.65

Committee For Investing in Pendleton's Future

Contributions through Sept. 16

The Round-Up Association, $1,500

Miscellaneous contributions of less than $50, $715

$100: Tim O'Rourke, Beryl H. Grilley, Donald J. Cook, Steve Corey, Cynthia Hilden.

Total, $2,715

Expenses: Umatilla County Elections, $200; Total expenses, $200

Balance Sept. 16: $2,515

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