UMATILLA - The Umatilla School District is expected to present another contract offer to the Umatilla Teachers Association sometime this week.

Dave Wickstrom, spokesman for the association, and Superintendent Brian Say said the district and the association met last week but still did not come to an agreement on the teacher's working contract.

The association is seeking a 2.5 percent pay increase to help compensate for the increasing costs of health insurance and the cost of living, but that issue is not as large as some of the wording in the district's proposed contract.

That wording includes the district having the right to "lay off" teachers eight days out of the school year when the district decides the cost is too much for its budget, said association bargaining committee members.

Say said the district will send an offer to the association this week. If the contract still is not accepted, either party can request mediation or declare an impasse.

"We're hoping they accept the offer," Say said.

If either party declares an impasse, then the School Board is allowed to implement its last contract offer.

If that should happen, the association will meet again to discuss whether to strike, Wickstrom said.

"We'll see what comes out," he said.

Instead, the district said it would present a final offer to the association.

"What we really wanted was to continue to negotiate," Wickstrom said. "We wanted to keep talking."

Bargaining sessions ended in the middle of the summer, and the district and association have been in mediation since Sept. 1.

Teachers have been working under their previous contract, which expired June 30. The new contract will cover this year and the next two school years.

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