This weekend you may have seen more than one Corvette zooming past on I-84 or Southgate - and it was no coincidence.

More than 100 Corvette owners from British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and California, made Gilbert Auto Group in Pendleton the first stop on a journey lasting five days and taking them over 2,000 miles.

In a variety of colors and years, sporting license plates such as "Ahh Sun" and "2 live 4," drivers say owning a Corvette is a lifestyle.

Bob Gunderman, also known as "Dr. Bob" and "Captain Bob," is the Pacific Northwest captain for the National Corvette Caravan. Gunderman, said the caravan was started in 1994 to bring Corvette enthusiasts to the opening of the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. and is done every five years since.

He said this week, Corvette clubs from all over North America are traveling to the museum to celebrate its 15th anniversary. The three-day celebration will start Sept. 3 and includes speakers and museums tours.

Ann Elegant, from Dallas, Ore. calls Corvette-owning a hobby and a culture. She and husband John have done the caravan multiple times, Elegant said.

"My husband first rode in a Corvette when he was 16 and ever since it's been has life's dream to own one," she said.

Elegant's friend and fellow driver Nancy Garboden of Eugene, Ore. said a highlight of the trip is visiting places she normally wouldn't have a reason to.

The trip for those from the Pacific Northwest will take five days, Gunderman said.

The daily stops - for lunch, and later, dinner and sleep - are planned for drivers.

For Gunderman, being a part of the caravan is about the community of people, not necessarily about who has the "best" car.

"It doesn't matter what you got," he said "It's about seeing the sights and looking for other Corvettes."

And the drivers who live the Corvette lifestyle are a friendly bunch.

"If you see another Corvette it's a rule that you wave," Gunderman said. "That's all part of the game."

Today, drivers from Idaho will join the caravan as they leave Boise to head to Salt Lake City.

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