UNION - Reva West hoped to do well with her hog "Blue" at Saturday's livestock auction at the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show in Union.

Reva, 12, also is showing a horse named "Bill" at this, her third year at the show. The 97th annual stockyard show began June 7 and concludes today.

"I'll be happy if I break even at $1.20 a pound," she said Wednesday afternoon at the fairgrounds.

She explained that this would cover her costs for Blue, including feed and show equipment.

Reva's mother, Mary West, and grandmother, Laurose Hibberd, also have been active with 4-H and the stockyard show.

"I've been here every year with a trailer since I was 9," Mary West said. She said her mother was a leader with the Imbler Pitchfork Gang, a 4-H group, in the early 1960s.

West said she joined 4-H when she was in elementary school because the FFA didn't have a program for girls at that time.

Reva has been active with the Pitchfork Gang and also is a member of the Barn Brats, a 4-H group that works with students raising horses.

Her older brother and sister, J.D. Cant and Jamie Jo Cant, also were active with 4-H while they attended Imbler High School.

Blue is a male Yorkshire/Hampshire cross, weighing about 250 pounds.

Livestock confirmation judging was held Thursday.

New at the livestock show this year was the Knott Family 4-H Barn. This was funded by grants received by the Eastern Oregon Livestock Show and contributions from the Knott family.

Mary West said the La Grande National Guard helped construct the building.

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