PENDLETON — The third of five Pendleton men facing charges of forgery is about to take a plea deal.

Dustin James Verrall, 25, has a hearing Friday in Pendleton to change his plea, according to Umatilla County Circuit Court records. He faces five counts of first-degree forgery.

He also has a plea hearing that day on his methamphetamine possession charge and faces a new criminal case.

The district attorney’s office is arraigning Verrall on two counts of first-degree theft. The state accused Verrall of stealing two rifles on April 22 from a private owner.

Pendleton police in April broke up a ring that circulated fake $100 bills and arrested Verrall, Zachary James Norton, Timothy McMurphy, Dan Elmer Wilson, Jr. and Tyler Dunn for the crimes. Pendleton police detective Howard Bowen said at the time the group used chemicals to wash out $1 bills, then printed over the paper to make them look like $100s.

Co-defendants Norton, 33, and McMurphy, 30, in June pleaded guilty to first-degree forgery. Norton also pleaded guilty to possession of methamphetamine. He is serving two years probation while McMurphy is serving 18 months for the crime.

Two of the defendants remain at large.

Wilson, 33, did not show up for his June 23 arraignment on one count of first-degree forgery. And Dunn, 18, faces two counts of first-degree forgery and failed to appear for his Aug. 1 court hearing. Both have warrants for their arrests.

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