The Umatilla County Sheriff’s Office, along with the help of Community Corrections, arrested four people in Hermiston on Tuesday, on several felony warrants and for stolen vehicle charges.

Frank Jessie Walker, 39, was arrested on a felony warrant. Alexis Jose Ramos, 27, Codey Allen Sanders, 24, and Olivia Michelle Huxoll, 28, were all arrested shortly after on felony warrants or for parole or probation violations. All four were taken to the Umatilla County Jail.

On Tuesday, UCSO Detective Loren Westmoreland was patrolling the area near East Punkin Center road and North Ott Road, when he noticed an unoccupied red Honda Civic parked on the road. He checked the license plates, which were registered to a Mercedes, noted that the front and rear license plates were different, and the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) had been removed. He could also smell fresh paint on the car.

Upon checking law enforcement databases, he confirmed the vehicle was stolen, and was supposed to be a white car, not red. As Westmoreland was waiting for another deputy to show up, Walker started coming toward the car. Westmoreland is familiar with Walker, and knew he had an outstanding felony warrant for his arrest. He told Walker to stop and placed him under arrest. The deputies found that Walker had red paint on his clothing and a key that started the stolen car.

Several parole and probation officers arrived at the scene, as well as an Oregon State Police officer and a Hermiston Police officer. Within a few minutes, Ramos arrived at the scene. Officers recognized him as having a warrant, and arrested him. They also found and arrested Sanders and Huxoll, who were in the area.

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