Five livestock producers in Umatilla County are seeking more than $13,000 for efforts to keep wolves at bay.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture provides money to counties to reimburse livestock producers for the costs of wolf depredations. Umatilla County’s Wolf Depredation Advisory Committee has recommended five producers receive a total of $13,516.23 to compensate them for using non-lethal deterrents against wolves. The county board of commissioners votes on the recommendations during its meeting Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the Umatilla County Courthouse, Pendleton.

Terrill Thomas of Milton-Freewater leads the pack, with a request for $5,521.78. The Cunningham Sheep Company of Pendleton has the second-largest amount at $3,319.52. The three other producers seek about $1,100 to almost $1,800 each. The money would cover a range of expenses, from riders who protect flocks and herds, dogs and dog maintenance, and motion sensor lights.

The county board also will review a petition to vacate a portion of Tamarack Avenue in Hermiston and an adjacent public road. Ten petitioners asked the county to change the roads from public to private.

The county public works department reported vacation to be in the best interest of the public. The department found the sections of road “would be an expensive endeavor to improve to current road standards,”and giving up the county’s interest in the roads could benefit Hermiston.

“as growth forces development to expand.”

If the board accepts the report, it would set a date for a public hearing on the matter.

In other business, the county board consider appointing George Anderson, Tracy Hamby and Scott Sager to the compensation review committee, which makes recommendations to the county budget committee for the pay of elected officials for fiscal year 2019-20. And Gina Miller, code enforcement manager and staff liaison to the solid waste advisory committee, will report on the hazardous household waste collection that took place Sept. 21, 2018, in Pendleton.

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