PENDLETON — Umatilla County Emergency Management is chasing funds to update the Umatilla County Community Wildfire Protection. And the clock is ticking.

Emergency manager Tom Roberts said the plan is past due for review and updates, and the county is coordinating with Oregon Department of Forestry to update the plan. He is asking the county board of commissioners to authorize an application for federal funds to pay for the updating the plan.

Roberts in a memo to the board explained that, according to the last information he had, the federal Hazard Mitigation Grant Program has approximately $40,500 available. He does not have an exact figure, he stated, because the manager of that grant program left the position, which is causing delays in getting information.

Still, if the $40,500 is available, the county would need to provide an in-kind match totaling $13,500 for total project cost not to exceed $54,000.

Roberts told commissioners he doubted the project would need all the funds, but he intends to apply for the maximum amount. He also stated he generally would not ask for approval without hard numbers, but the application deadline is Sept. 16, which means the commissioners’ last meeting to authorize the application is Wednesday.

“I will be happy to update the [board of commissioners] once we have the final numbers in place,” according to Roberts, “but ask they consider authorizing me to proceed with the application process.”

The board will consider the request during its meeting Wednesday starting at 9 a.m. in room 130 at the county courthouse, 216 S.E. Fourth St., Pendleton.

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