UMATILLA - In the one contested Umatilla School Board race, incumbent Travis Eynon was knocked off the board by challenger Scott Larson, 173-128.

Larson, an editor for Washington Group International, has served on the district's budget committee and said he's ready to tackle some tough challenges in the coming school year.

"We have some big issues coming up with staffing and budget," he said. "We'll see if the state will come through."

Larson also said he was concerned with schools that are nearing capacity.

"Overcrowding is the biggest issue in our district," he said. "There'll be a lot of tough questions to answer."

He said his victory is an indication of voter unrest.

"Between the school bond election and this election - voters are looking for a change," Larson said.

Eynon comes off the board after serving for about a year. He had nothing but encouragement for Larson.

"I'm sure he'll do a good job - I have faith in him," Eynon said. "There are some challenges coming. I hope he comes in with an open mind and no agenda."

Three other candidates, all incumbents, ran unchallenged for their positions. Sondra Pankey, a bookkeeper for Auto Cool in Hermiston, drew 237 votes to keep her spot on the board. Toby Cranston, who has served five years on the board, got 228 votes and Jan McIver, a 10-year veteran and board chair, received 219 votes, against 16 write-in votes.

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