HEPPNER - Volunteers are being sought to participate in the latest weather spotter training Thursday, April 3.

Weather spotters trained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's National Weather Service are key volunteers who assist the meteorologists by providing up-to-date information about weather activity in their neighborhoods.

The Skywarn Weather spotter training is free and will be held in the Morrow County Emergency Management Operations Center at 325 Willow View Drive beginning at 7 p.m. It is co-sponsored by Morrow County Emergency Management.

Skywarn spotters attend a two-hour training session, where they learn how to observe cloud formations and other weather in the area. The weather service teaches how to determine which storms are potentially severe. Spotters use a special toll-free number, an amateur radio frequency or an Internet address to let forecasters at the National Weather Service office in Pendleton know what's happening in their areas.

Meteorologists use the data as they issue severe weather warnings or statements to the residents of Morrow County.

Those attending the free Skywarn Weather Spotter training program will be eligible for door prizes.

Skywarn is a concept developed in the early 1970s that was intended to promote a cooperative effort between the National Weather Service and communities.

For more information, call Morrow County Emergency Management at 676-5161, the National Weather Service at 276-7832, or e-mail dennis.hull@noaa.gov. Additional information is available at the National Weather Service web site at www.wrh.noaa.gov/pendleton/office/preparedness.html, or through the Skywarn Web site at www.skywarm.org.

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