Wednesday's storm beats month's average rainfall

A pair of cars drive through a pool of standing water Wednesday during rainfall on Dorion Avenue in Pendleton.<br><i>Staff photo by E.J. Harris</i>

Persistent rain in Pendleton didn't just set a new record for the date Wednesday, it beat the normal value for the whole month of June.

The National Weather Service office at the airport in Pendleton reported .84 inches of rain fell Wednesday, pushing past the previous record of .65 inches from 1971.

While Pendleton was sopping much of Wednesday, Hermiston got a mere .19 inches of rain, and the day before .17 inches.

The new record also is the total for the month so far this year, and it surpasses June's normal rainfall of .78 inches.

As unusual as that seems, the Weather Service's online data shows June has had 10 single-day rainfall records that equal or surpass the month's norm.

Wednesday's rainfall ranks as the seventh wettest day on record for June. The heaviest single-day rain for the month in Pendleton was a soaking 1.17 inches on June 26, 1942.

Most of June's wettest days, however, have come at the start of the month.

Rob Brooks, a hydrometeorological technician with the NWS in Pendleton, said Pendleton's proximity to the Blue Mountains means it gets more precipitation than Hermiston. He also said June gets more rain showers than other months, but often those showers are "hit or miss," he said, explaining one part of an area could be dry while rain drenches a place nearby.

The Weather Service has been recording precipitation data in Pendleton since 1934. Brooks said the wettest June on record was in 1947, which had 2.7 inches of rain.

Whether this June will reach that is still anyone's guess.

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