PORTLAND - A Weston man convicted in a jury trial last December for illegally dealing firearms in Oregon and Washington was sentenced Wednesday to two years in federal prison.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Fred Weinhouse said Viktor Mascak, 65, was sentenced to two years in a federal prison, a $400 fine and three years of post-prison supervision by Judge Anna Brown.

He was convicted along with his girlfriend, Beatrice "Jo" Lowe, 61, on Dec. 22, 2003, of dealing firearms without a license in Oregon and in Washington, and of selling to out-of-state residents. Lowe was acquitted of dealing firearms without a license in Washington.

There are about 2,000 licensed firearms dealers in Oregon who pay $200 per year to maintain their licenses.

Mascak will be sent to the federal prison at Sheridan, near Salem, as recommended by Judge Brown. From the time of his conviction until his sentencing Wednesday, Mascak was free and arrived at court on his own.

Lowe will be sentenced by Judge Brown on July 12, Weinhouse said.

The December trial, which came after a three-year investigation, lasted one week. The prosecution called 25 witnesses and presented 70 exhibits.

Mascak and Lowe were accused of dealing and selling more than 1,000 firearms without a mandatory federal firearms license from 1996-2001. They were arrested in early January 2002 and first appeared in court that month.

Mascak's son, Jaime Mascak, pleaded guilty in January 2003 of "being a federal firearms dealer who failed to make or maintain appropriate records," Weinhouse said last December. He was called to testify by the government during his father's trial.

Viktor and Jaime Mascak and Lowe were also charged in Yakima, but the charges were consolidated for federal prosecution.

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