Weston is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever poisoned the trees in the Weston City Park, police announced Wednesday.

Nine trees, 70-90 years old, stand in the park -- sycamore, fir, weeping willow and blue spruce.

Someone used a hatchet and a drill to dig into the trees and pour a chemical into them, said Sgt. Josh Henningsen. He couldn’t even speculate on a motive.

“Anybody’s guess,” he said. “It’s pretty open right now.”

Three of the nine trees are showing damage. A large branch on one tree, which hangs over the skate park, appears to be dying, Henningsen said.

 Police estimate damage to the trees at more than $100,000. The city is completeing an environmental impact study to get a total cost.

“Losing those trees can be a huge financial loss to the city, as well as an environmental impact, as Pine Creek does run right behind the city park,”?Henningsen said.

That high cost of the damage will probably turn the arboreal attack into a felony, the police department said.

The city public works department discovered the damage last week after employees noticed a chemical smell near the trees. Police sent samples from the trees to Pacific Agricultural Lab, a private laboratory in Beaverton. Henningsen expects results sometime next week.

“Once those get back we will try to identify if there is any way to counteract the chemical that’s being used and try to save the trees,”?Henningsen said.

To make a report, contact the Weston Police Department at 541-566-2277, or go to the department at 112 E. Main St., Weston.

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