The Imnaha pack in Wallowa County struck July 26 severly injuring one calf, according to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Department Wolf Coordinator Russ Morgan said he is not sure if the approximately 325-pound calf survived or not.

“The calf was pretty severly injured and its prognosis was not good,” Morgan said.

Most of the animal’s injuries occurred on its hind end around the flanks and its belly, Morgan said. The attack marks the first on public national forest land and first confirmed daytime attack.

“This was a real typical wolf attack — that is how they prey on animals, they attack soft-tissue areas,” he said.

According to the state department’s website, the owner of the calf moved the herd within the grazing allotment in the Morgan Butte area. Morgan said the producer saw the calf was healthy while moving the cattle, then at the final destination he could not find the calf. Morgan said he was told the calf turned up later and was wounded.

“We don’t know for sure the calf was attacked during the day, but every bit of evidence we have shows that it was attacked during the day,” he said.

Data from a GPS?collar on the pack’s alpha male did not show him at the scene of the attack, but he was between two data points at the time, meaning he could have been there, ODFW said.

“It probably means other members of the pack were responsible for the attack and there is no way to know exactly where it occurred,” Morgan said.

This attack is the first confirmed depredation since three sheep were killed on Weston Mountain May 12.

Other wolf activity includes signs of three wolves confirmed in the Eagle Cap Wilderness Area, one of which is a lactating female. Morgan said biologists have not found any pups or signs of offspring to go with the female.

Three pups have been documented with the Snake River pack near Hells Canyon.

“We have confirmed reproduction in five of six groups of wolves in Oregon. We don’t know if there are pups in all of them,” Morgan said.

Aside from the Snake River pups, the department has confirmed pups in the Wenaha, Imnaha and Umatilla packs. The Umatilla pack is in the Mount Emily area.


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