McMINNVILLE - An Oregon woman who won custody of her 3-year-old son in an international dispute with her husband says she has no way to bring the boy back from Greece, where he is living with his father.

Nancy Wilhelm Karatzas says she was granted custody and her husband was told to bring their son, Vasileios, back to Oregon after a lengthy ordeal involving lawyers in both countries and a trial in Greek court.

But she said there is no agency that enforces such a judgment, leaving her waiting for her husband to comply with the law.

"I just want my son back," said Karatzas, who grew up in Sheridan and now lives in Polk County.

"The unknown is the hardest," she said. "Not knowing when I'll see Vasilei again."

Karatzas never dreamed she would be involved in an international custody battle someday. When a mutual friend introduced her to the Greek man who would become her husband, all she foresaw was a happy future.

They married in the United States in 2005. He was a legal alien, and his status assured by his marriage to an American.

Their son was born in 2006. They named him after his paternal grandfather.

"We wanted to do some cultural things in honor of his being Greek," Karatzas said. "We were teaching him both English and Greek."

She described her son as a happy, easy-going little boy who enjoyed playing ball or spending time with his two older sisters, who are from Karatzas' previous marriage.

When he was 3 months old, they took him to Greece to be baptized.

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