PENDLETON - When you're watching Round-Up, who's watching you? The rodeo is over, but the images of it will linger as various news reports surface throughout the coming months. Every year, the press trailer hosts hundreds of reporters, photographers and video producers each seeking images that will make the year's Round-Up and Happy Canyon come alive for people who didn't attend.

Round-Up Publicity Director Butch Thurman said that once again media from all over the world lined up for press passes and sought interviews with everyone from cowboys to clowns.

"Global Trekkers sent a film company here from the Yukon," he said. "That show is seen in 40 countries with some 30 million viewers. It's shown on the Travel Channel here."

Oregon Public Broadcasting also sent a film crew who shot footage for an unnamed new show that will air in mid-October. Also, Northwest Public Radio spent a "day in the life of Flint Rasmussen," the noted barrelman and clown according to Thurman. Their feature will be broadcast at a later date as well.

November is when those who receive Outdoor Life Network will be able to see the telecast of Saturday's finals. This year the OLN crew also taped the U.S. Bank/Pendleton PBR Classic for later broadcast.

A number of magazine reporters also come to the rodeo. Some of them are on assignment while others are freelancers who will then try to interest publications in the stories they write. An example of some of the press coverage the rodeo and night show have enjoyed include Western Horseman, Sunset magazine and the New York Times. Film crews have come from Germany, Japan and even the children's Nickelodeon network has sent a crew in the recent past.

There were a number of live reports as well. Thurman arranged to feed footage and a story to KEPR-TV in the Tri-Cities, which was then sent out for all CBS affiliates to use. That was done in addition to the Round-Up Radio Network, which feeds results and stories to 27 radio stations in the region.

Radio was also represented by Lars Larson. The conservative talk show host broadcast both his regional and national shows from the Round-Up Grounds live. Larson also acts in the Happy Canyon Night Show whenever he's in town.

KPTV's cheeky meteorologist, Andy Carson of Portland, also broadcast live from the Round-Up Grounds on Friday. He then joined the Round-Up Directors to ride in the Westward Ho! Parade.

"He just about stole the show," Thurman said. "Everyone was yelling, 'Andy,' through the whole parade."

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