Mayor Dave Drotzmann appointed three city councilors to the new mobile vendor subcommittee this week.

Councilors George Anderson, Manuel Gutierrez and John Kirwan will make up the three-member special committee, which will meet for the first time Monday.

The subcommittee is tasked with coming up with recommendations for the city’s mobile vendor regulations.

In its March 25 meeting, the city council voted 5-2 to create the subcommittee, with councilors Lori Davis and Jackie Myers in the minority. Drotzmann was absent from the meeting because the Hermiston High School varsity softball team he coaches had a game.

Anderson offered up the three appointees as potential members of the mobile vendor subcommittee that night, saying they all had been studying the issue.

Drotzmann said he picked the councilors because they showed the most interest in being on the committee. He added he thought it was helpful to have two members — Anderson and Gutierrez — who were on the Hispanic Advisory Committee and one — Anderson — who had experience with land use law.

“This is not just a Hispanic issue, but a lot of people who could be affected are Hispanic,” Drotzmann said.

Davis said she believed they may be overthinking the mobile vendor issue, and disagreed with the members suggested by Anderson — and later appointed by Drotzmann.

“I don’t think it’s right to have the committee be made up of only people on city council,” she said.

Assistant to the city manager Mark Morgan said the council had no power to choose who was appointed to the group because it is considered a special committee formed for a short-term reason.

“In a special committee, the council has to approve the formation of the committee but the presiding chairman, the mayor, makes the appointments,” Morgan said.

He and Drotzmann both added there had been discussions surrounding the committee and its possible members for nearly a month.

The mobile vendor subcommittee will meet Monday, April 8, at 6 p.m. in city council chambers, immediately prior to the city council meeting.


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