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The 100-room Governor Hotel in downtown Portland didn't close. But says spokeswoman Kate Buska, there was a bit of a kerfuffle when staff heard guests wouldn't be able to drink the water. She says they handed out the Water Bureau warning to guests.

071612_boilorder_small.jpgMuch of West Portland was affected by the city order to boil drinking water this weekend.

"For the duration of the event we provided free bottled water so our guests would have fresh water," says Buska.

She says because the order only lasted a short time, the cost of the bottled water was minimal.

A few blocks away is Higgins Restaurant. Waiter Mark Porter, says once they heard there was a problem, someone went to get bottled water and ice for the dining room and bar.

Most of the cooking, he says, is done with boiling water anyway.

"It was just business as usual. We had plenty of bottled water and, when you think about it, the Pepsi machines runs to the water lines to supply water for the syrup on our soda, so we did have to use canned soda pop. Other than that, everything was just business as usual," says Porter.

Zack Hutson is a spokesman for Starbucks out of Seattle. He says more than a dozen coffee shops closed. They weren't making coffee, and sold out of bottled drinks and pastries.

Portland Business Alliance spokeswoman, Mirabai Vogt, says most companies seem to have taken the problem in stride.

"We do know that the city and state have to follow extensive rules on these types of issues. And they had to make a hard call so we do appreciate that they got everything back in order so quickly," says Vogt.

And she added: it's better to be safe than sorry.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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