WALLA WALLA, Wash. — A Walla Walla woman sobbed as she was sentenced Wednesday in Walla Walla County Superior Court to more than 25 years in prison with chemical-dependency treatment for a high-speed chase and officer-involved shooting earlier this year.

Amanda M. Warren, 38, pleaded guilty Oct. 14 to multiple felonies, including two counts of residential burglary, stolen-vehicle possession, three counts of second-degree attempted assault, three counts of third-degree attempted assault, unlawful imprisonment, and attempting to elude a pursuing police vehicle.

The charges were reduced from the original, which included first-degree attempted murder.

Warren cried as she read an apology for her actions Aug. 3 and said she was high.

“I was under the influence of meth,” she said. “I’m deeply sorry for my actions. ... From the bottom of my heart, I’d like to apologize to each and every one of you. ... There are no words to express how awful I feel.”

She added she didn’t want anyone to feel afraid of her, so she planned to educate herself while in prison. She also said being shot six times was “rock bottom” for her and opened her eyes to where her life had led.

Her attorney, Jesse Montagnino, echoed Warren and said his client “didn’t have the internal strength” to apologize without reading a letter. He also asked Judge Scott Wolfram to adopt the agreement between the defense and prosecutors, and said Warren could die in prison with a long sentence.

Walla Walla County Prosecuting Attorney Jim Nagle said the case was “one of the most serious in our county” and “this is another example of what illegal drugs can do.”

Others spoke as well before Warren’s sentencing, including Walla Walla County Sheriff’s Office Detective Kristen Daschofsky and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Marcus Conner.

The WWCSO deputy read a victim impact statement from the man who Warren had tried to strangle on South Campbell Road, west of College Place.

“I thought she was going to kill me that day,” the letter stated. “I’m still in shock from what happened.”

The man sustained many injuries, including three broken ribs and bruises from fighting off Warren’s attack, the letter stated.

Conner said he had a brief encounter with Warren, but it had marked his life, including never being able to forget the look on a man’s and woman’s face who had to swerve to avoid colliding head-on with Warren during the high-speed chase. He added he hoped she would be locked up for a long time.

Judge Wolfram went with the agreement, giving Warren the exceptional sentence of 25.4 years of prison-based Drug Offender Sentencing Alternative with credit for 97 days served on all 11 counts, running consecutively.

The sentence also included $500 in fines and fees, a to-be-determined restitution, and no contact with the six victims until November 2039. If she doesn’t comply with treatment, she faces up to 70 years in prison.

Warren has remained at the Walla Walla County Jail with a $602,100 bond since her arrest Aug. 8, after she was treated for gunshot wounds.

Warren was accused of stealing items from an 88-year-old man on the morning of Aug. 3 in the 800 block of South Campbell Road, west of College Place. After allegedly taking the items, including rings and many other pieces of jewelry, cash and his will, she tried killing him, records stated.

The man told police he was sitting in his recliner when he saw a woman, later identified as Warren, who said she was a house cleaner, and was replacing his usual cleaner. She then asked for his cellphone to tell her boss she was there to clean, but she never called anyone, records stated.

Warren then told the man she wanted him to see something in the spare bedroom, so he went and she allegedly approached him from behind and put her arm around his neck, obstructing his breathing while putting a pillow over his face, and he fell to the ground, records stated.

However, he told police he grabbed onto Warren’s shirt, ripped it and her bra, and scratched her right breast, trying to free himself, while she punched him in the head. Authorities later noticed red marks on her right chest, consistent with the man’s story, records stated.

Warren eventually left the home, records stated. The man told police she left in a white car, records stated.

He sought help from a neighbor, as Warren had taken his phone, records stated. The neighbor told police the car was a white Toyota Prius, records stated.

At 12:08 p.m. the same day, College Place police learned of a stolen white 2012 Toyota Prius, according to documents.

Additionally, Warren was found to be in connection with multiple burglaries reported in Umatilla County involving a woman asking elderly people if she could clean their homes, after which the people noticed items had been stolen, records stated.

Still on the same day, Warren and another woman, Cheyanne S. Weems, 29, of Dixie, were accused of burglary at a Waitsburg home. They fled in the white Prius when authorities gave chase on U.S. Highway 12.

Weems got out of the car in Dixie, where she was arrested, while Warren continued speeding, but was caught when authorities were able to stop the Prius with spike strips and other techniques near Burbank, according to reports.

Just after 3 p.m., Warren brandished a firearm, records stated, and two Washington State Patrol troopers and one Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy fired their weapons at Warren, injuring her. She was taken to a hospital and treated for her injuries.

Weems was sentenced in September to 20 days in jail after she pleaded guilty to the reduced charge of obstructing a law enforcement officer.

Emily Thornton can be reached at emilythornton@wwub.com or 509-526-8325.


Emily Thornton can be reached at emilythornton@wwub.com or 509-526-8325.

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