PENDLETON - Clayton Foltyn's cabinet is filling up with honors and awards.

Four months ago, the El Campo, Texas, cowboy graduated from high school. Now he can put a trophy saddle from the Pendleton Round-Up alongside his diploma.

Foltyn won the bareback title Saturday with an 84-point ride on Dippin' Parlor Game.

"I feel awesome. This is the rodeo everybody wants to win," said Foltyn, who finished with a 166-point average.

His score in the short-go tied him with Will Lowe of Canyon, Texas, for the top ride of the rodeo. The 18-year-old cowboy was quick to credit Dippin Parlor Game for a fantastic ride.

"That was just an awesome little horse. ... I don't remember a whole lot - it happened pretty quick," said Foltyn, who also reached the short-go in bull riding.

Rough N Ready tossed him in the bull ride, but the PRCA rookie still earned enough points to win the Highest Scoring PRCA Bull Riding Rookie Award. On top of that, he also won the all-around in the Texas High School Rodeo finals this year.

Lowe finished second in bareback overall with a 162-point average. In the short-go, he made an 84-point ride on Moany.

"I think I got about as many points out of the horse as I could. I feel like I rode her good. Let 'er buck in Pendleton." he said.

Brothers-in-law Glen O'Neill of Didsbury, Alb., and Rod Hay of Wildwood, Alb., split the saddle bronc title, posting a 165-point average.

Hay's 83-point ride of Wild Card was tops on the day, and O'Neill tied him with an 80-point showing on Dippin' Surprise Party on the final ride.

"This is a great rodeo to win. ... It's one of the oldest and most prestigious rodeos for us to go to," said Hay, whose sister, Jennifer, is married to O'Neill. "It's great to win anything with (O'Neill). He's been riding real good this year. ... You know you're in the money if you're tied with Glen."

O'Neill was jarred badly in a fall from Dippin' Surprise Party at the end of his ride, but managed to dust himself off and take a victory lap.

"I'm a little lost, I guess. The ground out there's a little heavy," O'Neill said. "(Winning) hasn't really hit me yet. I'm just trying to come together with everything. This is a favorite rodeo of mine - good to win it."

Cory McFadden of Coleman, Texas, claimed the bull riding title with a 165-point average. In the short-go, he rode Caliente for 80 points.

"He turned back up there to the right, and stayed spinning the whole time, which made it good for me," McFadden said.

Jerry Shepherd of Levan, Utah, made the top ride of the day, scoring 83 points on Jabaroo.

"Jabaroo, he's a good bull. One of the ones you want to get on. He wasn't as smooth to ride as he usually is (today), but it still worked out," said Shepherd, who finished third overall with 161 points.

He said the Round-Up atmosphere is a huge selling point for the rodeo.

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