After reading about the Dude's First Round-Up, EO subscriber Betty Udy stopped by to share a similar experience in 1993 when a friend of hers from New Zealand came to visit during Round-Up. "What should I expect?" her Kiwi friend asked, and in response, Betty wrote the following and thought blog readers would appreciate what the Dude is up against...


1. Thou shalt have no other events before me for I am the One True Event.

2. Thou shall not kill - the spirit of the Round-Up, which will be uproaring, upsetting, and, for some of the contestants, up-lifting.

3. Thou shall not covet your neighboring cowboy's cowgirl, his Brahma bull, his bronc or anything else that might be Western or rodeo-related, including his horse trailer or his motor home, for his possessions may be temporary - including his cowgirl! His Wranglers and his Justins are his only permanent possessions.

4. Thou shall play only Country Western music on your radio, stereo, CD, etc. during that week known as "Round-Up," regardless of your true leanings.

5. Thou shall wear only clothing that is Western, made from traditional blue denim with the appropriate accessories - silver (preferrably Native American) and bolo ties with thy Western cut shirt. Thy jeans shall not be tucked into your boot, but worn outside, lest you be mistaken for a visitor.

6. Thy language shall be regularly punctuated with "LET 'ER BUCK" so that persons within earshot will know you to be a native, or at least a long-term resident of this area, and someone who can give them reasonably accurate directions to the Let 'er Buck room.

7. Thou shalt be hospitable - reflecting the true spirit of the Old West. Greetings shall begin with "Howdy" and concluded with "Y'all come back," for what would Pendleton be without the increased economic activity and entrepreneural spirit?

8. Thou shall not run out of supplies even though you have laid up stores several days in advance. Remember that local merchants are open throughout the day and night and are there so that none of your loved ones (and others) need go hungry or wanting.

9. Honor your cowboys and cowgirls with silver and leather goods that their accomplishments might be preserved in the Hall of Fame forever.

10. Remember the Day After Round-Up and keep it quiet for peace, rest and clean-up, for even our Creator rested after six days of labor which included chaos, noise, SOME water, and a good deal of interaction by humans, new on the scene who were strangers, too!- BJU, 9/14/93

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