The Oregon Department of Justice has released nearly a thousand pages of investigative documents in the case against Umatilla County District Attorney Dean Gushwa. 

The now-public documents reveal details of the case the DOJ has primarily kept in-house until now, including about Gushwa’s sex life and what colleagues thought about Gushwa’s behavior.

The release of the 997 pages came Friday afternoon and primarily includes interviews between justice department investigators and Gushwa, the women from the district attorney’s office he was sexually involved with and past and present employees of the office.

Some segments come off as lurid as bad pulp fiction.

Gushwa was on the hook for seven counts of official misconduct for using his office to coerce two women subordinates into sexual relations with him. The state also had charged Gushwa with 11 counts of contempt of court for disobeying a judge’s order not to contact employees in the district attorney’s office. 

On May 11, the DOJ dropped the cases in exchange for Gushwa’s resignation as district attorney, an action that becomes effective Tuesday, the end of the month.

DOJ spokesman Tony Green has said more documents could be coming.  

The justice department has been in charge of the DA’s office since August 2010, when Gushwa took a leave of absence because of the investigation. Christine Miles, press secretary for Gov. John Kitzhaber, confirmed the governor will make a formal announcement in early June that he is seeking nominations for Umatilla County district attorney. 

Miles said Kitzhaber is hoping to get input from the local region.

The East Oregonian broke the Gushwa story in August 2010 and has covered it closely since. The Oregonian released a detailed story on the Gushwa case by Jeff Manning on its OregonLive website Friday evening. 

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