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August Neighborhood Happenings

Movies in the Park wrap up this month Read more

Ferret out some fabulous family fun — for free!

Good deals are great, but freebies are even better. There are a lot of free deals out there that can provide hours of fun without emptying … Read more

August Kid-friendly Calendar

MONDAYS Read more

Safety is vital when riding an all-terrain vehicle

In the summer months, heading off-road is a tradition for many Eastern Oregon families, but if you take your family out on ATVs make sure t… Read more

OPEC Parent Education … what’s it all about?

We’ve all heard the saying that “children don’t come with a manual,” acknowledging that loving and caring for a child is one of life’s most… Read more

Help! What do I do when my child is hitting me?

Four-year-old Jason hit his mother, Rebecca, with his fists and kicked her ankles. Rebecca ignored Jason’s blows and continued listening to… Read more

Pal or parent? How do you behave with your child?

I often hear: “My child is my best friend” in reference to underage offspring. As a parent and former teacher, I confess it makes me cringe… Read more

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