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Edible science experiments in your own kitchen!

It’s not always easy to show home economics is a true science. This diverse field includes clothing and textiles, foods and nutrition, cons… Read more


Building connections at home and in the classroom

“I’m dropping out of school!” My heart dropped. Can you imagine your first grader yelling this at you? Especially being an elementary educa… Read more


Pros and cons when considering private schools

Conversations about education usually focus on public schools, but Eastern Oregon has its share of private schools as well, with about a do… Read more


Video games for kids without the blood and guts

As a mother of boys, I am very aware of the parental struggle to find computer or video games that don’t include blood, zombies, guns or fe… Read more


Improve your child’s diet with low-sugar options

Many families look to the new year as a time to reset their eating habits and focus on making healthier choices. However, adults aren’t the… Read more


Simple ways to help your children learn to listen

“You can’t help your child learn anything if you don’t teach them to listen and pay attention. That’s what you have to do first.” I overhea… Read more


February Kid-friendly Calendar

MONDAYS Read more


February Neighborhood Happenings

PP&R is looking for volunteer coaches Read more

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