I felt compelled to respond to a recent letter to the editor about accountability and honesty.

I, too, am of the Vietnam generation and, I, too, lost friends in Vietnam. I was a hawk on Vietnam until I lost one of my oldest friends to war and I then became a dove.

Yes, it's about honesty and accountability. Most soldiers served their country admirably; most didn't have their fathers find them some National Guard unit that was sure not to go to Vietnam for them to serve with. Your service records probably don't show that you were missing from your unit for extended periods of time, you were in the thick of the action. When it came time for honors, you were in the top of your class, not where "Shrub Bush" was.

When we talk about honesty and accountability, how can we account for the fact that we are fighting in Iraq on the premise that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and so far none have been found?

Why is it that we are the biggest player in this war? Where are France, Germany and Spain? Home, where we should be. I truly hope no one else's sons or daughters go into the military because the lies and deception of the Bush Administration far surpass those of the Johnson and Nixon administrations.

When most vets came home from Vietnam, they had benefits such as health care, education and housing. Ask a vet today how many benefits he got when he came home from Iraq.

The cuts in VA health care are staggering; money has to come from somewhere to fund this war. For the most part acquiring housing isn't in the book and the free education the government gave you after Vietnam isn't free any more. Think about it with the cost of education rising 14 percent in the past year, how far will our vets get in school? With the cuts in VA health care how much care will they get?

Honesty and accountability went out the door when we were duped into a war in Iraq by someone who wasn't elected but was appointed.



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