A commentator on Democracy Now! said that, in his speech to the Republican National Convention, Vice President Cheney used the word "job" twice - once in reference to his own job - and Senator Kerry's name 17 times.

The fact that Republicans are focusing heavily on slinging mud at Senator Kerry in this campaign, and not talking about the real issues, shows clearly they are terrified of Senator John Kerry's popularity.

They are right to be terrified - of Bush's own record: net loss of over 1.1 million jobs, loss of health care for 45 million more Americans, and the growing federal deficit saddling each child with a $35,000 debt at birth. A bi-partisan commission determined there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and no relationship between Iraq and al Qaeda - the two main reasons the Bush Administration used to start the war in Iraq. If you've read anything about the 9/11 Commission, you'd know that the Bush Administration did virtually nothing about al Qaeda in the months leading up to 9/11 in the face of repeated attempts by informed sources to get them to pay attention.

When Clinton left office we had a $200 billion surplus. In four short years, Bush has spent that down and gone into debt over $400 billion - in ten years projected to $2 trillion. A recent article in the EO stated that the increase in the deficit is $55 billion less than projected it would be at this time last spring. The Bush Administration is using this as an indication its economic policies are working. That's like the story of the woman who came home and said, "Honey I saved us $600" when she really spent $900. Whose side are they on? The ones benefiting from Bush's economic policies are big banks and 1 percent of the population.

If this is what Bush supporters want four more years of, then I can only say that they must be profiting somehow from this misery that is spreading across America - or they are being duped by the rhetoric and not getting at the truth.

Judy Wahl Talley


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