In the first week of November on an early Sunday morning on my way to work, traveling east on River Road I approached Hermiston Avenue. I noticed a Hermiston police officer parked at a fast food restaurant at that intersection.

That intersection was under construction for installing a signal light. They had four-way stop signs at the intersection. I saw three of the signs but didn't see mine. I stopped beyond the sign. Right away I knew what I had done so I just pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the police officer to get there. It ended up with him giving me a verbal warning, which I surely deserved or even a written citation would have been appropriate. This is not what I'm writing you about. It is what happened later that really irks me.

On Dec. 2, I received a letter from the Department of Transportation informing me that I was required to retake a driver's examination under motor vehicle law ORS 807. I was completely dumfounded by this letter. I called the number they had enclosed to find out why I received the letter. They would not tell me anything.

If I'm accused of something, I want to know who and what I'm accused of. But the state of Oregon says that information is confidential and they cannot give it out. My driving record of 47 years is excellent, never a wreck, few moving violations, none in the last 26 years.

On Dec. 17, I drove to Pendleton from Hermiston and they immediately took my driver's license and proceeded to administer the first test. It consisted of memory, subtraction and spelling. I can see the memory test but what does subtraction and spelling have to do with driving an automobile? The second test was general knowledge of signs and general driving, which was appropriate. The third test was a behind-the-wheel driving test.

I guess what I'm trying to say is if you're in your retirement years and you get pulled over for anything, you will most likely go through the embarrassment and humility I went through, not counting the stress that is put on you.

By the way, I failed one thing on my driving test. I didn't scan the railroad intersection. I missed none on the other tests and they gave me back my driver license.

Tell me discrimination against the elderly doesn't exist.

Good luck senior citizens, and check your mailboxes for ORS 807.340.



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