Cut the BMCC music program? What can the board be thinking?

Twenty-four years ago David Miller, the BMCC choir director, recruited me after high school graduation in Baker, to sing for the BMCC choir.

He mentored me, assisted me with housing in Pendleton, and poured his heart and soul into our musical education. Through him and during my musical education I enrolled in the BMCC nursing program, graduated and have practiced nursing in Pendleton for more than 19 years. Through my education at BMCC I was able to achieve a nursing management position that enabled me to educate both of my children as a single parent.

I attribute much of my success to Mr. Miller and his compassionate teaching and mentoring.

My daughter recently graduated from Pendleton High School with much the same musical goals. She now has the privilege of being taught music and is mentored from the same incomparable Mr. Miller.

How could the board endanger this continuity of education and culture to this community? This is outrageous, but this is not the first (and probably not the last) outrageous move the BMCC board has made in its decimation of the education of our youth.

Understand this: This community is fed up with BMCC slashing programs that keep our children grounded to this community. I believe the monetary cuts should be made in the excessively high salaries of the upper administration.

Clearly we need education, culture and the fine mentoring of the instructors at BMCC that contribute directly to the community, not bureaucrats that come and go from our community wreaking havoc that we must find a way to repair. I encourage all members of this community who enjoy all of the cultural endowments the BMCC music program has offered in the past and will offer in the future to let their voices be heard.



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