This letter is in response to the letter to the editor from Tena Cox, which appeared in the paper on Aug. 30.

As the manager of a local credit union, I wish Cox had named the business she and her mother had such a bad experience with. I would hate for one bad experience to tarnish the works of what credit unions can do for its membership and the community in which we reside. Please don't let one bad apple spoil your opinion of credit unions everywhere.

Credit unions are run by boards of directors and they are watched by supervisory committees. The board hires a CEO who in turn hires the staff. Everyone has a boss. I would encourage you to keep going up the chain of command until you reach satisfaction.

In today's world of quick fix bankruptcies, it is refreshing to have a member work with your institution to work out a payment plan. It benefits the member, the institution and the membership.

Our local credit unions are open to the public. My suggestion would be, keep shopping. If one can't help you, maybe another could. Thank you for keeping us all on our toes.

Kelly O'Malley

Umatilla County Federal Credit Union


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