Over the last four years, ever since the election was "stolen," it's been a never-ending pity party for the Democrats.

Remember the Florida vote, and how the Democrats said the results were tainted? Their initial argument was that the ballot was confusing; therefore, people should be allowed to revote. Folks, I saw the ballot, it took me two seconds to figure it out - follow the arrow that leads to the hole you punch, not real complicated. Evidently, when you allow people who can't read simple writing, or are not even capable of following a straight line, you are going to have problems in an election. Who knew?

Then, it came out that black people were harassed into not voting, or that their votes didn't count. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, in January 2001, released a report that went over these allegations. In that report, they found no intimidation or harassment of anyone, and that the purge lists (used to bar criminals from voting) were more likely to affect white voters than blacks - by a 2-to-1 margin.

They then said that the votes weren't counted right, and that they needed a recount. Well, when Gore got his recount, Bush's victory was shaved down to 537 votes, but it was still his. Then Gore took the election to the Florida courts, demanding hand recounts. Every Florida court upheld the results, except the Florida Supreme Court, which came out in favor of Gore. Bush appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court, which came back and said that the lower courts were correct two different times. After the legal wrangling was completed, several media organizations verified that Bush won the election in Florida.

Fast forward to today. Recently, the Democrats have made claims that this election is heading in the same direction as the last one, and have called for U.N. intervention in case of voting irregularities. Let me clarify this for you. The U.N., a bureaucratic nightmare worse than our own, should monitor OUR elections to make sure that we're not screwing it up? When did we become a Third World country run by a dictator (an actual one, not the one the Democrats believe is in the White House)?

If you throw all of this in, mix it up with the media's constant negativity, sprinkle in some Hollywood elites, and add a cup of Michael Moore, you get a cake full of air, with very little substance, frosted with sugar coated myths. Let's just hope we are all intelligent enough not to eat the garbage they want to feed us.

Evald Nelson IV


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